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BookRecycler's "Best of..."

Sat Aug 11 2018 David Barrett 0 Uncategorized

We have added a great new page to that will make the adventure of those wishing to recycle books back into their lives and the lives of their families and friends more exciting. As of this post, presents "BookRecycler's Best of" (note: Please give the page a moment to load as it contains many images and links). Through our store, Box 5 Books on Amazon, we have thousands of books available. I know many of you have visited our store and made purchases, but wouldn't it be both more interesting and easier to view the "Best of" books in various categories?

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Be a Book Recycler!

Thu Jul 12 2018 David Barrett 0 Uncategorized exists to provide an avenue to keep good, quality books in existence and in the hands of appreciative owners and readers. When we first purchased this business, I went to a relative to ask if he would like to join in the venture providing his computer knowledge and skill. His response was, "Books are thing of the past, every things going to be digital soon." Well, several years later, we are still going strong and putting thousands of books back into circulation every year. He was wrong. People still want books.

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