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2018-07-12 David Barrett 0 Uncategorized exists to provide an avenue to keep good, quality books in existence and in the hands of appreciative owners and readers. When we first purchased this business, I went to a relative to ask if he would like to join in the venture providing his computer knowledge and skill. His response was, "Books are thing of the past, every things going to be digital soon." Well, several years later, we are still going strong and putting thousands of books back into circulation every year. He was wrong. People still want books.

I'm not putting down the digital era and I recognize the advantages of books in a digital format. But, unlike the western adage "This town ain't big enough for the both of us" (claims it was said by Nick Grindell in the 1932 movie The Western Code, though I couldn't verify this), this town, this country, this world, is big enough for both books -- traditional and digital. And, there are great reasons to be a part of keeping books, paperback and hardback, alive by a commitment to recycling.

Why the traditional books should not and will not go away

  1. Some books, classics like Moby Dick or War and Peace or The Holy Bible just need to be seen in their original form. either in a preserved original copy or a beautifully printed facsimile.
    There is just something nostalgic and fulfilling to be able to look at a book shelf pull off a cherished work.

  2. The feel of a book in hand and the turning of actual pages, no digital device can replace or compare with this. For those difficult or long reads, it brings pleasure to see the progress one is making by noting the page turned and yet to be turned. And, for any read, there is just something to actually fulfilling the expression, "picking up a good book."

  3. Making your own mark. Sure, even in the digital world you can highlight, underline, or even make marginal notes on what you are reading. But when it's typed notes and electronic highlights and underlines, it's just one more step away from being truly owned and done by you. Picking up your own pen or highlighter, making your own marks, actually writing your own marginal notes in your own hand can never be replaced by the electronic media.

  4. There are many more reasons the traditional book should not and will not go away, but I will give one more here -- a clincher of an argument for keeping books alive through book recycling. What is the clinching argument? A fireplace, a cup of cocoa and a cold winter evening. Can that romantic setting really be completed with "and snuggled up with my iPad"?
    As long as there is a beautiful spring day, a meadow, and a lazy stream and cold winter evenings, a fireplace, and a cup of cocoa, there will be books, real books, books with covers, books with bindings, books with pages.

Be a Book Recycler

You don't have to partner with us to actually enter the world of being a book recycler, though you certainly can check out how you can turn your efforts at book recycling into cash at our website ( On your own, however, you can keep the traditional book alive in a variety of ways.

  1. Look to buying the next book you want in the traditional book form. Our Amazon store outlet has thousands of books listed. Just click this link here "Box 5 Book on" or on our home page ( to enter our store. If you don't find what you are looking for with us, you can continue on to shop all of Amazon's books or any other product they carry.

  2. If you are done with a book, don't throw it away -- donate it. Take your books that you do not have need for to your local thrift store or library. This way your book not only has the opportunity to be recycled as the possession of another, but your donation will be helping a worthy cause as most thrift stores are established to help non-profits and ministries in the community.

  3. Support your local thrift store and library by attending their sales on books. You may find a lost treasure at a tremendous price.

  4. Tell your local Friends of the Library about and that we can help them get their donated and discarded books back into circulation quicker and at a higher monetary value to them. Refer them to our website ( or have them give us a call (208- 377-2367)


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