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2018-08-11 David Barrett 0 Uncategorized

We have added a great new page to that will make the adventure of those wishing to recycle books back into their lives and the lives of their families and friends more exciting. As of this post, presents "BookRecycler's Best of" (note: Please give the page a moment to load as it contains many images and links). Through our store, Box 5 Books on Amazon, we have thousands of books available. I know many of you have visited our store and made purchases, but wouldn't it be both more interesting and easier to view the "Best of" books in various categories?

"BookRecycler's Best of" does just that. At "BookRecycler's Best" page you will find a variety of categories and see the "Box 5 Books" top sellers in each category. These will be the books that are currently among the bestselling titles Box 5 Books has on Amazon in that category. The determination, of course, is made by the sales of that title on Amazon.

At this point I should give a disclaimer that a book being featured on "BookRecycler's Best of" is not a blanket endorsement of any or all that the book contains. I will do my best to not present anything that is highly erroneous or unnecessarily offensive. But, then, to some people the truth is highly offensive. Certainly Jesus Christ, who was the embodiment of Truth, being God incarnate, and openly declared "I am the truth" (John 14:6), was a stumbling-block (I Corinthians 1:23) and an offense to many (Matthew 13:57). Being offended doesn't mean that what caused the offense was not the truth. Often times it is the truth; but, we would rather "snuff out" the truth, than face it and be changed by it. We, too often, are just like those who crucified the Lord of Truth, rather than receiving and being changed by what He had to say.

I digress...

It may be that the book of greatest interest to you in a particular category is not necessarily the most popular. Not a problem. You can always simply click through to Amazon by clicking on one of the advertized products or clicking on the Box 5 Books on Amazon link here or on the "BookRecycler's Best of" page. From there you can not only search what is available on Box 5 Books, you can search all of Amazon's products, books or anything else.

The categories that have been set up at "BookRecycler's Best of" are the following: "Top Sellers"; "Non Fiction"; "Religious"; "Fiction"; "Children's"; "Education"; "Marriage and Family"; "Health"; and "Craft". Under each of these headings you will find 4 of the current or recent top sellers from Box 5 Books. This will be a page you will want to visit regularly, at least each time a new blog is issued. We get in hundreds of titles each month, so the featured titles will change regularly.

Though I can't say something here about all the books featured on "BookRecycler's Best of", let me take a moment to say a little about some of them.

In the "Top Sellers" category, I would draw your attention to the book Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children. Having been blessed to have a wife who was not only willing, but desired, to have all our children at home, this book has a personal appeal -- especially as some of my own sons and daughters a now marrying and we are being blessed with grandchildren. The author has drawn upon two decades of professional knowledge and experience to produce this insightful and easy to follow guide book.

In the "Top Religious" category, the first book is Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels. The title says it all. J. Warner Wallace is a homicide detective with nationally recognized investigative skills. He puts them to use in the investigation of the claims of the Gospel -- a cold-case investigation. This is a unique apologetic validating the claims of Christianity.

I would enjoy speaking about each one of the books listed in the "Top Religious" category, as I have personally enjoyed the catechism family devotional books Training Hearts; Teaching Minds (which uses the Westminster Shorter Catechism) and Comforting Hearts; Teaching Minds (which uses the Heidelberg Catechism). But space will not permit me to do so.

Let me just mention that the prices listed at "BookRecycler's Best of" are current to when the page was set up. The prices for these used books can vary up and down on a daily bases, so please use them only as a guide.

It may be that you have a category of books that you would like to see featured on "BookRecycler's Best of". Simply send me an email at and I will see about getting that category featured. If you are not a subscriber to this blog, send an email to and request to be placed on our list. You'll, then, receive the blog immediately in your inbox each time it comes out. You can also share this blog with others who may be interested in the art and practice of bookrecycling.

Finally, just a reminder to tell your local Friends of the Library about and that we can help them get many of their donated and discarded books back into circulation quicker and often at a higher monetary value to them than they would get from their library book sales. Refer them to our website ( or have them give us a call (208-377-2367).


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